Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Dennis is tolerating his chemo pretty well.  So far he has had two infusions of gemcitabene along with daily doses of xeloda ( a drug derived from the Latin pharmaceutical root “gagamus a maggotmus”).  Both the hairs of his head (not to mention the thatch in his nose and ears) are still in tact.  His feet are a little tender, requiring foot massages three times daily, along with back rubs and peeled grapes dropped into his mouth while I dance the Fandango.  Not much nausea except when I get out the old frying pan and threaten to prepare a meal.  We are all managing.

However, since our grandson, Carter, decided the revolving image of Colonel Sanders was actually Dennis, we find ourselves craving a lot of Kentucky fried chicken.  We are trying to eat things that are nutritionally viable, so we confine ourselves mostly to Twinkies.

Actually, we were culinarily inspired by of all people, Lady Gaga.  We plan to clothe ourselves in a side of cord-fed beef until time for dinner, and then consume our wardrobe until we’re totally naked, flashing friends and neighbors alike.  Who knew food and fashion could be so fun.

Our only granddaughter, Necie Kate, recently came up with a novel suggestion.  She wants us to be twin grandmas when she grows up.  I thought this was a splendid idea.  She plans on us taking all our combined grandchildren and moving to Lagoon, where we can ride the roller coaster all day long.  Hmmmmm.  I tried to explain to her that all I wanted to do was get OFF the roller coaster and out of the amusement park altogether.  I hoped my reality intervention didn’t dash her dreams, so I proposed we ought to take our kids to Africa and graze on the savannah all day long.  But Necia didn’t know just what a savannah was.  When I explained, she wasn’t at all sure she wanted to consume tall grass in great quantities for extended periods of time.

So we compromised.  We decided we’d just have sleep-overs every night and eat our weight in licorice as we guzzle root beer till our bladders burst.  This was agreeable to both grandmas.  I love discussing things with Necie.  She has designed a template for a whole new family dynamic.  I rather like it.

We are continuing to fight, in spite of intermittent “Aw, Crap!” moments.  Whatever it takes, we will do.  We are deeply grateful for all the positive things coming our way.  More up-dates later.

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