Monday, April 11, 2011

April Showers

April showers arrived in the Witness Protection Program.  They came disguised as a winter deluge.  The heavens opened up and poured out a storm like a benediction.  Dennis and I caught snowflakes on our tongues as we went for our early-morning walk.  I was able to attract more flakes, nearly causing freezer burn, because I can keep my mouth open wider and longer than he can – a skill I’ve perfected over a lifetime.  Dennis is used to keeping his mouth shut.  Dennis needs to work on his technique.

It looks more like Christmas than Easter, which is OK with us because last week we got a welcome gift in the form of some lovely lab results.  Dennis’ tumor markers went down to 29, well within the parameters of normal.  We like those numbers.

Some numbers we don’t like.  Dennis’ weight has diminished noticeably.  Apparently increasing my thigh size by proxy doesn’t transfer to his body mass.  Pity.  We like to think of him as aerodynamic. In reality, he’d have a hard time in a stiff wind. My skinny jeans would swallow him whole.  We’re both embarrassed by that.  So we simply agree not to cross dress.  End of problem.

We will be going to Houston Tuesday morning.  We are scheduled for lab tests, CT scans, and a visit with Dr. Wolff.  We have a robust optimism, corpulent positivity, and Dennis has a stout heart.  Too bad it doesn’t register on the scales. 

 Our six little Ninjas have provided the usual comic relief.  Asher (age 4) had us all in stitches Sunday.  Since being toilet trained, he has had time to perfect other vital skills.  He has mastered the art of the “smolder,” ala “Tangled.”  He cocks one eyebrow up as he assumes his most provocative “come-hither” look, holding the pose for maximum effect.  Then he erupts in hysterical laughter, exposing a mouthful of baby teeth and crossing his legs for bladder control. I defy anyone to keep a straight face.  I was smitten.

Last week we went to a movie because Dennis had a week off from infusion.  Movies are much more fun than infusions…and less expensive.  Talk is cheap.  Gemcitabene is not.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a break. 

Our hearts are grateful.  We are ready for this journey.  We are overwhelmed by the kindness and tender concern of friends and loved ones.  This has been such a resource of strength and courage for us. 

We will provide updates as they occur.