Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dad. We are not sad because it's over, but we smile because he lived.

Thank you to everyone for all the kind words, notes, meals, and visits. The Clot loves you all.


Janet said...

In the spring of 1981 I "interviewed" Dr. Ashton in regards to becoming our pediatrician for our daughter to be born in June of that year. Almost 30 years later in October, 2010 our son received his missionary medical examination from Dr. Ashton. In between, he cared for, treated and healed our three children and very calmly and patiently educated us. We feel privileged and grateful to have had him walk that journey with us. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family--we smile with you. The Thomas'

Janie said...

I heard my 5 year old grandson, Jackson, explaining to his little sister what happened to Dennis. He told her that he "passed off". I feel there is alot of truth in that statement. Dennis passed the greatest test in life with an A+++++++. He truly did leave this life in triumph. We love and will miss you greatly, Denny!! Love, Janie and family

LeAnn said...

Joan, just know that our thoughts and prayers will continue for you all.You have been such an example of hope and faith; thank you for that. We pray that you and your sweet family will feel that comforting spirit and know that "all is well".
Love you much, dear friend.

Davd and Sandy said...

The Clot has been such an inspiration to a lot of us----so zany, cute, realistic, down to earth, etc, a lot like Dennis. It was truly a great ride. Thanks for keeping us in the loop through it all. I just smile when I think of this wonderful brother of mine. He was a sparkplug when he was little and he never stopped. I'm grateful for that kid in him that never ended. We love you Joan and those two sweet, neat great girls you have. Treasures for sure. God bless you all. Love from the AZ Ashtons.

nielsons*love*family said...


the Kyle and Dorien Nielson's send love and condolences your way. first Dennis was our kids doctor for 18 yrs--we LOVED him as Dr. Ashton! His quiet calming influence on me (a mom that needed CALMING!) was the BEST! 4 kids and MANY MANY visits later to that office.

Next he came to the Oly 3 ward primary program (and my kids thought certainly he was coming to watch THEM!) only then did we make the connection that he was ERIN's dad (and later brodi's when she moved into the ward)

We love your family and are grateful for the association we have had with you all.
Dorien and family xoxo

Anonymous said...

Joanie, I love you and we are so sorry at your loss. Dennis was a kind and wonderful man, and a friend for so many years. I will call you after a while and we'll talk. Sloanie