Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 15th

The Ides of March are usually tightly bookended between Lent and Lilac Time, but they always fall on March 15th.  History records this particular date as the day Julius Caesar disregarded the warning of the soothsayer and went to the Senate in spite of the universe being out of alignment.  Most unwise. Mrs. Caesar had also advised him against venturing out.  She pleaded with him to stay home that day, no doubt hoping she could get a little help with household chores…to no avail.  Even unwiser.  Julius!  Dude!  What were you thinkin’?
March 15th is also our anniversary.  I do not plan to stay home OR go to the senate. I may simply hold my own conclave – reminisce, ponder.  I won’t count the seasons, just the blessings.  There is a certain patina that comes with the passage of time.  I’ll find what I need in reflection. 

It is true that what is essential is invisible to the eye.   

Erin, Brodi and I will be together. I‘ll tell the stories of the events, circumstances and alignments that culminated in their mortality. We will acknowledge the anniversary, honor the day, and reverence the occasion in peace and some sadness.  No doubt there will be moments when we just let it hurt.

It seems like all the past has been preparation for the present.  Now our union lives on in me.  I am us.  I am our voice.  I will express our love, bear our witness and be glad.

Erin admonished me to keep my back straight and my head up.  With wisdom like that, who needs soothsayers?


LeAnn said...

Another informative post and I enjoyed reading it. I will look forward to you sharing more on this event when we get together. You are such a dear and I know that Dennis is very pleased with you all. These moments are difficult but sweet memories.
Love to you!

Heidi said...

My parent's anniversary is March 21st. Us Duffins are sharing your feelings.