Monday, December 24, 2007

How Pissy Stole Christmas

Sorry about the delay- the blog got clogged.

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Clot is up at the Huntsman Institute while Dennis gets infused with Gemcytobene. Four more days, and Phase one of “Operation Bugger Obliteration” is done. Come Thursday, the FuFu bag will be forgotten, the PICC line will be PICC’ed.

Dennis’ stats:

Weight 124. (121 without the bowling balls in his pockets. Talk about cajones).

Color: There.

Clothing: Orange shirt/green vest gone.

Nausea: present and accounted for.

Appetite: Gone.

Dwarf: Pissy.

Nostrils: Furry.

Strength: too weak to stop the clot from blogging, and using words like “cajones”.

Hair: Apparent

White Count: 7.1 and good to go.

Friday, Dennis got roasted and toasted, cooked and unhooked, drugged and unplugged. You can see what unremitting chemo and radiation have done to our brains. We’re able to condense our whole life to rhymed couplets.

Friday was also the winter solstice. It is the time of the longest night and the shortest day. Thank goodness it is not a perpetual state of being, but rather a corner to be turned. From now on the darkness will be dispelled by ever-lengthening light. This is a good thing and this is a good day.

The clot had a consultation, and we have decided that the wasted emaciated look is sooo ’07. So, we’re exchanging “svelte” for a bigger belt, and Dennis will soon be a “Chunka Chunka burning love.” Our goal: a pound a day, that’s all we ask. Stay tuned for pictures of Dennis with greater body mass!


The kids from the primary brought a wreath with their pictures on the front and what means the most to them written on the back. They have been taught well. And then they caroled to us. We now understand why the music of Angels was chosen to herald the birth of the Savior. It was absolutely beautiful.

In addition, every day there has been an anonymous gift on our doorstep. We do not have a clue who has taken the time to bring such joy to us. However, this morning we received a note whose poetic sincerity Keats and Shelley would envy.

Pissy’s heart grew three times its original size.


A Christmas wish to our dear friends and family:

We’ve come to the point when we realize it will be impossible to send out the many Christmas greeting cards and many delinquent thank-you notes that we owe so many who have given so much support and love to us at this time.

This obviously has been a most unique holiday season for us, mainly because of the vastly increased significance of family, friends, and the holiness of the season. Expressions of love and support have come from so many people, in so many ways, and in so many packages. We have been fed, gifted, sung to, snowblowed, entertained, reassured, fasted for, prayed over, and blessed in so many ways. Truly the spirit of Christmas has been manifested, and the importance of relationships, love and concern for others, and the healing process given freely by the Savior have come forth.

Certainly each of us has challenges and difficulties that we must face, and will need to call upon physical, mental and spiritual strength in order to cope. Love and support from family and friends is an important additional source of strength.

Thus, after being given so much this season, we can only express heartfelt thanks to all of you, and take this moment to wish you a most meaningful Christmas season. Your expressions of love and support mean more to us than you will even know.

Love to all,

Dennis, Joan and the Clot

May you all be blessed with the “comfort and joy” you have brought to our family,


The Clot


New York Sims said...

Hugs, prayers, hugs, hugs, and more hugs. We're in Norway for the holidays, but still reading the blog and always praying for our favorite family.

Please enjoy your holiday, and we'll hope that pissy can take a break for [at least] a day.

Love you all so much! Pete, Mel, Kensie and Eric

Snowflake Ashtons said...

Dennis, Joan and the Clot,

Besides Dennis blessing the lives of children all his working life, now he has literally blessed the lives of many adults of those children who have grown immensely from this experience. The Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform---we pray for you bro and know you are an instrument in the God's hands and we are His army.
We love and pray for you and The Clot, and will through all of 2008.
Your bro and one of your chief admirerers(how's that for spelling!)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Ashtons! We are thinking of you. I like Joanie's thought about the winter solstice being the shortest and darkest day with only lengthening light on the horizon! Love, Kate O, Doug, Eli and Donovan.

nutsrus said...

Dear Ash: We loved your Christmas message. What a great way to share information. You have been such dear, devoted friends, from seeing "Singing in the Rain" together at the Avalon Theater, to following me up ridiculous non existant trails on Lone Peak. How we love you. Your name is a regular on the South Jordan Temple prayer roll and the Las Vegas Temple Prayer Roll. Our prayers are with you, Phillip, Barbara, Ben and Amanda Hansen