Friday, February 15, 2008

I Came to Check on Mom and Dad, and This is What I Found!

Don't send a lame Valentine's Day eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!


Deanna said...

I have always felt Joani and Denny were holding out on us......wahoo!

Dave and Sandy said...

Fantastic! And that's how we feel about the progress so far with Dennis. Keep up the great recovery is our prayer for you bro.
Love ya,
Dave and Sandy

Amy Weech said...

Rats! I was really hoping to see Uncle Denny and Aunt Joanie show off their moves in matching hospital gowns--I guess we'll have to settle for the classy, timeless outfits that JibJab chose instead. Next time, can I request that Uncle Denny do the waltz with that pole that holds an IV bag as his partner? Be sure you work a dip or two into the choreagraphy.
We are so so so happy that you are home from the hospital--we came home with Kara on the same day that you did, so I'm sure that things have been much more boring at all the University medical buildings up on the hill now that there are no Ashtons around to keep the party hoppin'. Thanks again to Aunt Joanie for her comments about learning patience and her insights into the ways that Heavenly Father blesses us through our trials. I've been trying to adapt a "Clot" attitude by looking for those types of blessings in my own silly little trials lately. By the time we left PCMC with Kara, I had actually come to feel very grateful for our week there because I realized that had Kara not been hospitalized I would've never gotten to spend so much alone time with her. I took for granted all the one-on-one time I had with Jackson when he was born, and after Kara was born I found myself frequently wishing I could find the time to just hold her more and get to know her better, but I always found myself choosing housework or Jackson or eating or napping or something else over Kara-time. So honestly, I'm very grateful that Heavenly Father forced me to do nothing but be there every moment for my little girl while she was sick--it was a very special time for us, and I actually found myself missing PCMC once we came home! Even though I can't imagine how difficult the last 3 months have been for you guys, it is always so inspiring to me to hear you relate similar experiences and to hear you give thanks for the tender mercies you've found in the midst of such great adversity. I deeply hope that we will all remember the lessons you've taught us once all this is over and we find ourselves in the midst of great joy and celebration!
Love so much,
Amy, Lee, Jackson, and Kara

Kate O said...

Dennis, you've gained some weight and some moves! Looking good! Kate O