Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Brodi here. Regarding the previous post, many have questioned whether my Dad really dropped the Physician's Desk Reference from his balcony in order to squash a mutant rat, or if this is just a case of my mother's superflu-osity (it's totally a word) getting ridiculously out of hand.

So to let you all know, it's true! I asked my Dad about it, and he told me it was really the heaviest object he could think of. I amended this to the heaviest object he could think of... and still lift!

Just wanted to verify the facts for you. I think he's very funny.

Brodi and Clot


Kateo said...

Dennis, I am priming poor Anita for you on Greenway . She probably goes home and curses me every day. My dear sweet Sadie had a little girl. Ava Kathleen Blair. I am doing almost all my well visits on the computer now. I did all 15 of the sick visits I saw on call Saturday via the Greenway as well. Let me Know if You want todo any dry runs. Hope you'll be up for Your training in August.
Love Kate O

jerry said...

friendly neighbor Joe Checchio's considerable arsenal is always at your disposal.

melissa said...

Dr. Ashton,
My boy's Nick (14) and Jack (12) needed physicals for school/sports. This was the first time in their lives they had to see someone other than you. And boy did I hear about it! I heard about it before the appointment, on the way to the appointment, during the appointment, and after the appointment. So if and when you get back in the office could you let us know? Then I might not have to pay for therapy. Just kidding they won't need therapy, but I think they may never go to another doctor again. Hope you are doing well. Our thougths and prayers are still with you and your family.

Take Care,
Melissa Smart & family

p.s. Your thoughts on the meningococcal vaccin for teens? Sorry, but I have to ask:)