Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dearest Loved Ones,

We are waiting for Dennis to return to his room. Can't wait to see him. The "Mass"acre was successful.

here are the updates from the doctors:

Dr. Talmage Egan says:
The surgery has gone nicely. The surgeons are happy with how everything went. There was no vascular reconstruction, so the surgery was less complex. There were clean margins and Dennis was never unstable. There was moderate blood loss. The pain should be reasonable.

Dr. Jenny Davis:
Made three visits, beaming! "Everything went as well as possible." We are adopting her into the Clot. She and Talmage will get Christmas Cards for the rest of our lives.

Dr. Mulvihill: (summary)
Concurred with the other reports and then added: there is no evidence of tumor to the naked eye. We will await pathology reports on Tuesday (Please Keep Praying).

Also, Dad has an anomaly, a "funny pattern", a vein and artery in very strange places. Like a pretzel. They took pictures of it so they could show it to people, because he had never seen it before. These pictures will be on display for a small price of admission in the Freak Show, and then we will sell the footage to YouTube.

The Clot is tired, but happy. Your faith, prayers and love have gotten us through this day.

Check out his smile- and he was still asleep!!


Kate O said...

Willowcreek checked the blog every 5 minutes all day. I am surprised our traffic didn't knock down the server! I am thrilled that the surgery went so well. Thanks for keeping us so up to date on Dennis' progress and love to you all! Kate O

Ron and Vicki said...

Hallelujah, the bugger is gone!!! Long live the maestros of scalpels and sutures! We love you Dennis! May the Force continue to be with you and The Clot!!! Ron and Vicki

Sam said...

Rock and Roll Dennis! Now, it was promised to me that the tumor will be put into a jar where we can make fun of it and then light it on fire. Nice work to all.

A & M Ras said...

That is such fabulous news. We like invisible tumors at our house. Someday when Dr. Ashton is feeling better we should get the two tumor boys together for a pitcure, proof that tumors do not stand a chance when Dr. Ashton is around. I believe in Miracles!!! Thanks for being part of ours. We will continue to pray for the mircales in your family.
Marissa Neumann Rasmussen

Amber said...

We are SO glad to hear things went well!!! And even happier the *(insert bad word) is gone!!! We love you guys and if anyone EVER needs a babysitter, Traci has the next 3 weeks off!!

Traci said...

K guys its time to get my Jazz analyst strong so I can have him back in the seat next to me inbetween patients so we can hash out the plays of the game the night before!!!!
My thoughts and prayers are with all of you and the candle I lit for you guys today is burning brighter tonight.
Lvoe always, Traci

Jon & Pat Ashton said...

Woo Hoo! Ding dong the mass is gone, the mass is gone, the mass is gone! Ding dong the wicked mass is gone! There is celebration in munch-kin land (or is it much kin land?)!
Phase three ahead full steam.

Great news! Now, go get some sleep all you Clotters. Love ya,
- Jon & Pat

jerry said...

been checking all day along with everyone else....YIPEEEEE!

the4ofusut said...

YEA! YEA! YEA! Way to go! We are so happy for you all! Thank you so much for the updates all day - you were not waiting in The Point alone, there were crowds right there with you and we are all so HAPPY! Way to go!

The Urrys

Mykio said...

Finally....a light at the end of the tunnel! I am so happy that things went so smoothly today and we are so looking forward to having grandpa Dennis back at work as soon as you are up to it! (No pressure!) And if you don't take my mom up on the babysitting thing while she is out of work, at least send Dennis over so she has a little Jazz buddy while she's out! Way to be a fighter, Dennis! Can't wait to see you race back to good health!

New York Sims said...

We're SO happy!!

All our love, Pete, Mel, Kensie & Eric

jane said...

YEAH!!!! We were long overdue for a miracle...and here it is!! That smile!!! It would melt any heart, and certainly has ours. The miracle giver has now become the miracle receiver -- we are sooooo grateful. Now, on to much better things for The Clot! Love to you all -- we love the blog! xoxo Jane & Tom

AZ Ashton Gang said...

Den, Joan, Erin, Brodie and all the rest of the clot to numerous to name--way to go to get through this messy time in your lives. What a miracle. May it continue and we pray that God will bless the recovery and rest of the analysis with His loving hand of mercy.
We love you greatly and continue in our prayer vigil.
Dave, Sandy and The AZ Ashton Gang

Deanna said...

Love you guys and couldn't be happier--it's about time--let's get the rest of this show on the road. Big "high five" to the three women who have helped Dennis get this far. Big kudos to the doctors. Congratulations! Dennis for fighting. Still praying for you and thinking of you and hoping for an uneventful recovery. YAHOO!!! love you all

janet said...

We are thrilled with the news of a miracle. May the blessings continue to flow! Love to you all, Joe and Janet

Anonymous said...

Dr. Aston, We just found out about everything you have been going through. It is neat to see the strong family support. You are truely blest. I was going through your blog and reading it when Zach came up to me and pointed to your picture and asked if that is his doctor. I told him yes and that you are sick. Ever since then he will ask me how his doctor is doing? We are glad the surgery went well and are praying for your continued recovery. Tamara Coombs

Anonymous said...

thank God! We're so relieved. Our prayers indeed were heard. We will still continue praying for Dennis and your family. Much love, Cicely & Merill.

Marge T said...

Kathy O just showed me how to comment for the first time -- Way to go Dennis!!!! We all watched the blog all day yesterday waiting for the news -you are VERY famous. All of us at WCP are cheering (and you know how loud we are!) My love and prayers are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be anonymous. I haven't done the password thingee.
We are full of gratitude.
There's no place like hope.
You'll be on the upside looking over the horizon in good time.
Use this time to think yourself whole again.
We are glad your family always has something for you to laugh at or are we the only ones laughing.
That laughter will heal you.
You are the "little engine that could" and did. WHOYA !!
Patients: Laura Longhurst and Jacob Smith

be_ashton said...

I am so glad to hear everything went so well. We saw the update on the blog not 5min ago I showed Mindy the pictures and she was so happy to see that Uncle Dennis was smiling she promptly ran into her bedroom and got her Wish Bear and said I wish that Uncle Dennis would get better soon. With a Care Bear on your side now you have nothing fear.