Thursday, January 31, 2008


Great news. We just got an update with actual information! Dr. Davis just informed us that the tumor has been resected and that three of the four margins were negative. The vein and artery were spared, and they are now just trying to get a negative fourth margin. He has received no transfusions, and has been behaving himself during the procedure.

Once they get the negative margin, then it will be 2-3 more hours of reconstruction. (that translates into 4 or 5 episodes of Veronica Mars).

This is all very good news. More updates, miracles and tender mercies to come.

the Clot

P.S. Organ recall: Pancreas (partially absent) Gall Bladder (absent) Stent (obliterated) Ducts (all in a row) Veins and Arteries (in tact) Stomach (pending)
Pissy: Benched?


cristie said...

woohoo! yippee! yehaw! xox

Jen & Justin said...

YES!! What great news!!!! Our family has had you in our thoughts and prayers.(and funny bones)
Jen (Cowley)

Amy said...

That is incredible news!!!!!! I am so happy, I am crying. I know that it is shocking, Brodi. I am thinking about all of you and keeping you in my prayers. My spiritual side is kicking in and I have been praying a lot for you today. Love you guys!

Deanna said...


Brooke said...

YIIIPPPEEEE!! You are all in our thoughts and prayers! We are freaking out over here!! Thanks for keeping us posted! xoxo

susie said...

Great, great news!!!!