Friday, January 11, 2008

Three Phases of "Operation Bugger Obliteration": Explained

Hi Everyone! We are planning to have a fast for my Dad on January 13th, in anticipation of his CAT scan on the 17th. We would love any participation! Some of you have expressed a desire to have a "road map" of the entire process he has gone through, and will be going through, so here it is, in our own limited vocabulary.

Phase One: Chemo and Radiation (November – December)

In order to try and shrink the mass away from two major arteries and veins

This would mean an easier surgery

Involving 28 daily radiation treatments

Weekly Gemcytobene infusions (chemo)

Constant 5 FU Infusion (chemo)

Infusions went through PICC Line to his heart

Side Effects: Nausea, weight loss, ulcers, fatigue

Phase One is Done!!

Phase Two: Recovery and Surgery January - February

Three weeks recovering from Phase One

January 13th: Fast for Dad that the tumor has shrunk- We would love any participation, any way! (Light Candles, “Prayer Warriors”, Meditation, Positive thoughts, etc.)

January 17th: CAT Scan to see if Phase One had an effect on the mass.

January 18th: Meet with surgeon (Dr. Mulvihill) at Huntsman to discuss surgical options. If the mass has gotten smaller, or at least stayed the same, then we go to surgery. If not, we go to surgery!

End of January: Surgery called “The Whipple

The Whipple involves removing the head of the pancreas, a portion of the bile duct, the gallbladder and the duodenum. Occasionally a portion of the stomach may also be removed. After removal of these structures the remaining pancreas, bile duct and the intestine is sutured back into the intestine to direct the gastrointestinal secretions back into the gut.

The surgery is complicated, and recovery will take a while.

Phase Three: Another round of chemotherapy

More Chemotherapy to make sure we got all of the little cells

Go to Disneyland- anyone is welcome to join us


Kate O said...

We are sending all our positive vibes your way today. I'm not so good at fasting unless I am asleep so I have fasted for 8 hours so far(since midnight....) and will resume tonight around 10 unless I am lucky enough to nap then there will be more. I guess from the looks of the blog about Joanie's chicken that a Willowcreek dinner party pre-Whipple is not a great idea!? Good Karma brings good things so you should have a great CT scan. Lots of love, Kate O

Anonymous said...

I too am not a good faster...but do great in my sleep so I slept in on Dennis behalf! Since chocolate always makes me feel better I will indulge in eating some to make all of you feel better. It is the least I can do! I am sending good vibes to all of you and send my prayers for a good report are WELL DESERVING!! Chris C
P.S. I am impressed that you didn't call the Dr. the night of the fever...I am sure that you have had many late calls that have awoken you just to hear Dennis say take some tylenol and call me in the is ALWAYS easier to do when it isn't someone YOU love and care about. Hang in there!! Chris C

Anonymous said...

We love Uncle Denny.

We're shocked and have spent the day trying to wrap our minds around Denny's health status and what you have been through the last two months. We found out the news today - thank you Aunt Joan!

We're learning about the whipple and have appreciated your blog. It's a great way to distribute the updates. It has been wonderful reading through and seeing all of the positive words.

When I was upset today after hearing the news from Joan, my boys asked why I was sad. I told them it was because I just heard that my Uncle Denny was sick. I said, "You remember, Aunt Joan and Uncle Denny, that we met in Disneyland?" The mention of Disneyland and they were right into... "When are we going back to Disneyland? Remember Space Mountain? I met Winnie ta Pooh." And on and on. We've had this same conversation most days since April.

As Aunt Joan said on the phone today, we will get through this and ALL meet again in Disneyland. We're holding you to that.

Our constant thoughts are with you and we are sending you all our love. Will the nearest person to Denny go up to him and give him a double chubby from us?

Love, Megan Jacobson Lea
and Family;
Jesse, Harper and Quincy
Portland, OR