Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whipple Update:

The big day is finally here! Dennis arrived at the hospital at 7:15. A short four hours later, he was in surgery. We met the entire team, and he's in good hands. The team even laughed at the Clot's jokes, so we liked them immediately. The nurses had to shave his chest, and the fur was flying. We hated to see it go because it added to the illusion of bulk. He also received injections of a drug they call the "I Don't Care" medicine, and once that had taken effect, we told the surgical team of doctors and nurses that his nickname is "Fabio" and please call him that from now on. The drug was apparently working, because Dad didn't care.

Dr. Mulvihill and Dr. Fenton came in to talk to us pre-surgery, and they brought with them such an energy, it was palpable. And now the Clot is in the Point restaurant, on the 6th floor of Huntsman, enjoying the view. At least, Mom and Brodi are enjoying the view. Erin's too busy stuffing her face with the small hide of a recently slaughtered cow.

Talmage Egan has been here from the beginning, guiding us through the entire process of this long day. He is awesome.

This day has been 92 days in the making, and it's finally here. The view is beautiful, and the inversion is gone. And we are all together. Tender Mercies, too many to count.

More updates to come. Scott, the surgical nurse, informed us he will be calling us every two hours, but since he's not the doctor, policy dictates that he won't be able to tell us anything. We'll be waiting for that informative call. We'll blog the lack of information as it becomes available.

We know you are all here with us. We are ever grateful.

the Clot


Sam said...

Go DENNIS! This will be a long day, but we are all praying for a great day. ---Sam

Anonymous said...

I called the Willowcreek office today to schedule a sick appointment for my daughter Sophie and was so upset to hear Dr. Ashton has been ill. My daughters adore Dr. Ashton and we send him much love and well wishes for a speedy recovery. It is clear from your blog what a wonderful, strong, funny, family you are. Keep up the good work.

Jon & Pat Ashton said...

Go team go! We're all there with you in spirit. Keep the blogs coming while I still ahve some fingernails left to chew.
-- Love ya all, Jon & Pat

New York Sims said...

You're right, we're all there with you!! I wish, so much, that I really was there....I would love to hold your hand the whole time!

Things will be great, I just know it!!

Much love! Mel

Nancy Dahl said...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers this day. I have appreciated reading the blog and have followed your journey. May the tender mercy of the Lord be with you today. Nancy Dahl

Anonymous said...

Your family is so strong! What great support you all are for such a wonderful strong man. My daughter is a patient of Dr. Ashton and was scheduled to see him the day after he was diagnosed. I also work for Dr. Wills who has been doing some of his procedures through all of this. I have spoken to Dr. Ashton many times on the phone and never told him who I was other than my name and that I was calling to get him scheduled to see Dr. Wills. He always amazes me because he always seems happy no matter his situation. Just wanted to share this with you sorry so long! Just remember that my daughter and I, along with Dr. Wills are here to help cheer the team on!
--Kristi Thurgood--

Marge said...

We've been praying and thinking about all of you today and are anxiously waiting for the good news that's to come.

Deanna said...

I second every comment above mind that is made and those yet to come. Love you guys--deanna

Anonymous said...

Dennis is the ultimate physician, who goes to such great lengths to be able to say, "I understand"! (But enough already! We're ready to see him back where he belongs.) Our prayers and love are with you always.

Jim & Linda